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  • What are Omega fatty acids and why do I need them?
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  • Can Omegas really support the body when dealing with Cancer, Cardiovascular disease, Inflammation, Developmental disorders, Psychiatric disorders, Cognitive function, Eye health, and even Aging?
  • What are the best sources of Omegas?  And What is the Best Omega Product on the market today?
  • Learn about recent nutritional breakthroughs that can improve the bio-availability of Omega Oils naturally and save you hundreds of dollars by avoiding supplements you simply aren’t designed to absorb well!
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“Perhaps the single most important dietary recommendation to improve our health and prevent chronic disease is to increase our dietary intake of omega-3 fatty acids!” - Loren Cordain, PH.D., The World’s Leading Expert on PALEOLITHIC DIETS and FOUNDER OF THE PALEO MOVEMENT!

Here’s what some of our friends are saying:

Harvey“I was in a bicycle accident that resulted in a severe brain bruise that affected my speech and cognitive function.  After just 2 weeks on Omegas, I am talking in full sentences, reading, writing and my memory is returning.  My energy level is back to normal and the doctors say that I am 3-4 months ahead of schedule.”

Harvey W.


Katherine C“I have spinal cord and spinal nerve damage… since starting taking Omegas… I feel like the Tin man after he got oiled!  I am sleeping better, moving smoothly, less arthritis, clearer focus, my skin is softer, my “spots” are disappearing and my hair is growing again.  I’m even Folk dancing for 2 hours a week!”

Katherine C.


Ron Maurer “I went from 15 Migraines a month for 5 years to only 15 since May 1st, 2012! – That’s over 9 months!  I can’t wait to see how much more improvement I’ll see in another 9 months!  I didn’t have loss of life… but I had loss of living and now I’m living again!”

Ron M.


Dinny Evens“I started taking an Omega product in November.  After 60 days I started noticing that my vision was substantially better!  I had been diagnosed with cataracts on Halloween, and had to get a new prescription for my glasses they were so bad.  I can see so much better now, night driving is now possible. My eye doctor was truly amazed at my improvement!”

Dinny E.


Phil E.“I have had bad pollen allergies my whole life and always dread spring because of this.  After being on Omegas for a couple of months I am not worried about spring at all!  We just had some warm weather after a rain here in LA and everything is blooming but I can hardly feel it.  I should be suffering, but I feel great!  I can’t believe the difference this has made for me.”

Phil E.


Omegas are recommended by
health professionals of all kinds!

DrB“With fish oils’ weak antioxidant content, the more you take, the more antioxidants you need.  Krill Oil solves this problem being both high in the essential fatty acids EPA and DHA as well as antioxidants.  Add to this, a powerful technology that maximizes absorption, and I believe that all other fish oil products will soon be obsolete.”

Dr. Andrew Bridgeforth, DC, Functional Medicine, Nutrition and Digestion Expert


Kathy Jones“When I owned a Natural Foods Store in the late 1990′s, Omega oils were getting very popular.  Because of its benefits for heart, brain and joint health, fish oil became a big seller at my store.  The down side was that many of my customers did not like the “fishy” burps from fish oil and were concerned about contaminates like mercury in the fish.  A few years ago, when Krill oil came to the market as a great source of Omega 3, both of these issues were solved.  Now we can enjoy the benefits of bio-available Omega 3 from Krill oil with all of the good and none of the bad.”

Kathy Jones BS, MLT


Ron Shook“Omega 3 Fats (Good Fats) such as EPA/DHA are perfect examples of essential nutrients we as Americans normally get little of.  Sources of Omega 3 Fats like nut and seed oils are in the form of ALA and must be converted (by your body) to EPA/DHA.  These are super nutrients for anti-inflammation, lubrication and joint health, renew brain function, eye health, and may support the body in pain relief.

High quality Omega 3 Fats such as EPA/DHA are so valuable from cold water fish like Salmon, Herring, Mackerel and especially Krill Oil.  No need for a nutritional conversion with these guys!  Research shows that, along with other essential nutrients, Omega 3 Fatty Acids may slow, and in some cases reverse, signs of aging and restore heart, lung and mental capacity.

So do your homework and supplement with the highest quality Omega 3 possible.  See that it is not only available to the body but near completely Bio-Absorb-able.  Live longer…Live Healthier.”

Ron Shook CNC


DrS“Together, these super nutrients achieve optimal protection and restoration of the cells in your body.  It constituents having clinically demonstrated restorative and protective anti inflammatory efficacy.  Omegas have physiologic relevancy for both cardiovascular maintenance and functional mental acuity.”

Dr. Wolfgang Schoenfeld, MD


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